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  • Air Purification

  • Air Purification Systems Keep the Air Fresh

    Did you know that the air in your home may be tainted? Air contaminants in the form of pollen dust, dander, bacteria, odors, and chemicals could be polluting the air at your home or business. From hairspray and cooking fumes to bacteria and mold; a purification system is a valuable addition to any building. Get in touch with C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. for an air purification system. These systems attach easily to central air systems and filter out harmful contaminants to promote health, cleanliness, and comfort.

  • Experience the Difference:

    • Filters out 95% of Dust, Dirt, Pollen, & Allergens
    • Filters out 90% of Airborne Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses
    • Filters out 50% of Chemicals & Vapors over 24-Hours
  • Water Purification

  • Install a Hague Water System for Pristine Drinking Water

    Do you worry about the quality of your drinking water? Whether you own a home or business, clean water is paramount. At C&K, we reduce the fears of unclean drinking water with water filtration systems by Hague. These systems use the process of reverse osmosis to filter out impurities and leave you with clean, refreshing water.

  • See the Benefits of a Hague Water System for Your Home:

    • Designed for Maximum Energy Efficiency
    • Uses No Electricity
    • Reduces up to 99% of total dissolved solids
    • Backed by a 25-year Limited Warranty
  • Switch to Soft Water to See and Taste the Difference in your Water

    Tired of scrubbing soap scum because your home or business uses hard water? Talk to the pros C&K about water softeners from Hague. Soft water allows better performance for soap and detergent and reduces mineral buildup in pipes and comfort systems. We offer a variety of water softeners including units for residential and commercial use. We even offer compact water softeners for those that have limited space. Ask our staff about your options and start enjoying the benefits of soft water!

  • Water softeners provide the following benefits:

    • Cleaner Dishes
    • Brighter Laundry
    • Reduced Mineral Deposits
    • Reduced Soap Scum
    • Better Tasting Water
    • Savings on Plumbing
    • Savings on Energy Bills
    • Ask us about even more benefits!
  • Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

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    Enjoy the Benefits of Home Humidity Control

    How is it possible that your home can be the correct temperature, yet you’re still uncomfortable? The answer is the humidity! Whether you’ve noticed sticky surfaces, stuffy rooms, or other warning signs; too much humidity creates the perfect conditions for mold and mildew. Humidifiers help keep your home comfortable in the winter, while dehumidifiers reduce undesirable conditions during the muggy summer months. Talk to the pros at C&K about Aprilaire humidifiers and dehumidifiers that give you optimal control over the humidity levels in your home!

  • Aprilaire Humidifiers Offer the Following Benefits:

    • Reduced Risk of Infections
    • Comfortable Sinuses
    • Faster Healing Times
    • Healthier Houseplants
  • Aprilaire Dehumidifiers Offer the Following Benefits:

    • Automatically Maintains Humidity Levels
    • Switch from Home Dehumidification
           to Local Dehumidification
    • More Efficient than most
           Portable Dehumidifiers
    • Low-Maintenance