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Air conditioning technician testing the controls of an a/c unit on a residential property in the Metro East area.

A Complete Spring-Cleaning Checklist for Your Air Conditioning Unit

Spring is here and homeowners throughout the Metro East area are ready to enjoy the warm weather! With higher temperatures arriving early this year, it is time to turn off your furnace for good and start giving your air conditioning unit the attention it deserves. But before you start enjoying the beautiful weather, our technicians at C&K Heating & Cooling have put together a necessary spring-cleaning checklist for you to follow to ensure the health of your A/C unit. Keep reading below for a complete checklist on how to keep your A/C running properly.

Change Your Air Filter

The first step in your A/C’s spring-cleaning checklist is to replace the air filter. Oftentimes, homeowners in the Metro East area will forget to change their air filters from the previous season or for years at a time. Keeping your air filter clean will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and keep your home nice and cool all spring long. Not only this, but it will help keep the air in your home clean and free of harmful dust and bacteria. Not sure how to change your air filter? Call our technicians at C&K Heating & Cooling for expert air conditioning maintenance services! 

Vacuum Your Vents

Homeowner in the Metro East using a vacuum to clean out the air vents in their home for quality air conditioning maintenance.

One of the most important steps that many homeowners forget when spring cleaning is to vacuum the inside of your air vents. Throughout the winter, the dust and debris from the inside of your home get trapped in the vents, creating large piles of dandruff that reduce proper airflow from spreading throughout your home. Simply take the end of your vacuum and clean the outside of the air vent, then unscrew the vent and vacuum any debris you see in the air duct itself. If you are unable to clean your home’s air vents, call C&K Heating & Cooling in the Metro East area for seasonal A/C maintenance services.

Change the Batteries in Your Thermostat

Believe it or not, making sure that your thermostat has brand new batteries at the start of the spring season is a great way to keep your air conditioning unit running properly for months on end. If your thermostat does not have any batteries, your air conditioner will shut off completely, unable to heat your home until the batteries are replaced and the cool setting is set. Thankfully, this is one of the easiest steps in your spring-cleaning checklist and doesn’t require the help of a professional technician. However, if you replace the batteries in your thermostat system and it still will not turn on, be sure to call our HVAC experts at C&K Heating & Cooling for quality A/C repair services.

Clear the Weeds from Your A/C Unit

Residential air conditioning unit that is well taken care of and maintained next to a brick home and flower bushes in the Metro East.

While a majority of your spring-cleaning tips are handled from inside your home, you will also need to venture out to your A/C unit to complete this last task. Throughout the winter, debris and even pests can harm the inside and outside of your air conditioning unit without you knowing. Be sure to clear any weeds, branches, leaves, overgrown grass, or other debris from inside and around your A/C unit to prevent any issues throughout the spring and summer months. Not cleaning the exterior of your air conditioning unit can prevent airflow and even damage the unit entirely. For quick and affordable A/C maintenance, call C&K Heating & Cooling in the Metro East today at (618) 537-8888.

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