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An HVAC repair specialist in the Metro East that is upgrading a furnace system for a commercial business to restore their furnace system.

Signs That It’s Time to Upgrade Your Home’s Furnace

Installing a new HVAC unit is a major purchase, so you may drag your feet when deciding if it’s time. There are some signs that you shouldn’t ignore if your heater is at the end of its lifetime. C&K Cooling & Heating offers new furnace installations across the entire Metro East area and we can help you find the best solution to your heating woes. Here are some signs that you may need to buy a new furnace.  

Flickering Lights and Tripped Circuits 

It’s normal to see a slight dimming or flicker whenever your furnace turns on, but if you notice the flickering lasts longer than a second or that the power goes out completely, you might have a problem. An old heater that’s on its final legs may draw too much power and break the circuit. You shouldn’t just replace it to improve your interior comfort, but because it could also be a safety hazard if you ignore it.  

Noisy Furnace Operation 

A man in his pajamas lying down on a bed in his Metro East home holding a pillow over his ears to drown out a noisy furnace that needs to be upgraded.

It’s easy to notice when your furnace is making concerning noises because you’re so used to the regular sounds of your heater that you barely notice when it comes on anymore. If you’re suddenly aware of your HVAC unit’s sounds and they aren’t normal, it could be time to call C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc

Falling Indoor Temperatures 

Once you’ve reached ideal temperatures inside your home, your furnace should be able to keep up without too much of a struggle. On colder evenings, it’s normal for your heater to work a bit harder, but if you notice that it can never keep up with the cold, it’s time to investigate a replacement. Our professional heating and cooling experts can help you out if you’re in the Metro East area.  

Excessive Energy Bills 

If you feel a sense of shock when opening your utility bill this month, it could be due to a bad furnace. That’s because your furnace keeps trying to increase the temperature in your home until the thermostat indicates it’s time to shut off. A bad furnace requires more effort to achieve this goal and expels more energy. This causes a sharp pain in your wallet that indicates it’s time to buy a new one.  

You’ve Repaired the HVAC System Already 

An HVAC specialist holding a heating and cooling device to upgrade a furnace for a residential home in the Metro East.

If you’ve kept up on your regular HVAC maintenance and already tried repairs to no avail, that could be because the problem is the furnace itself. You may have already inspected the air ducts, checked your insulation, and performed fixes to your system that didn’t solve the problem. If this is the case, it’s time for a new heater. 

You Can Save Money 

New HVAC units are more energy-efficient than units that are 15 or 20 years old, so the cost of a new furnace can be offset by the savings you see on your monthly energy bill. You can pay for your new furnace over the next several years with these savings. 

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