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A typical geothermal unit in a Lebanon, IL, residence. The condenser and piping are shown here.

4 Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Geothermal HVAC System Running

If you’re a homeowner with a Geothermal HVAC system, you may be curious about how they work. They use ground pipes or loops that circulate water or anti-freezing agents and are dug so deeply that the ground temperature remains constant throughout the year. This offers an ample energy supply in the winter and a heat sink in the summer, which is vital when you live somewhere where you experience changing seasons. However, it also makes the exterior coils inaccessible. Fortunately, geothermal systems are very dependable and simple to maintain, even when the ground loops are out of reach. At C&K Heating & Cooling, we have several maintenance tips that should help you properly care for your Geothermal HVAC system. You know whom to call if you have any other questions or need expert service and advice.

Don’t Close the Vents in Your Home

As the homeowner, what’s important to recognize is that your Geothermal HVAC system is sized specifically to heat and cool your entire home. It was installed with your home’s layout and size, so when you close your vents, you are essentially causing your system to become oversized and overworked. This could cause your system to turn on and off frequently, resulting in higher energy bills, which you’ll want to avoid. We advise keeping your vents open, checking for debris and obstructions, and guaranteeing no furniture is blocking your vents.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Thermostat

Another tip you may not be aware of is ensuring you have the right thermostat for your Geothermal system. We advise that a wired thermostat is a better investment than a battery-operated thermostat. You can use a programmable thermostat to run your system, but we suggest only when necessary to improve energy efficiency. Check that your thermostat is set correctly, and make sure your fan setting is set to “auto” instead of “on.” If you ever have difficulty operating your thermostat or want a professional to confirm you have the correct model, reach out to C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc., and we’ll provide exceptional advice and Geothermal HVAC services.

Check Air Filters and Condensation Pans Every Month

Two things you should also be checking regularly are your air filters and condensation pans. You should change your air filter once a month to avoid anything potentially obstructing your airflow. Be sure to use only the compatible filters with your Geothermal system. You could also consider a whole-house air clear if you wanted to increase the air filtration in your home. As another good practice, we recommend checking for standing water in your condensation pans and clearing the drain of any clogs or blockages. If you want to keep the drain flowing freely, try rinsing it with a diluted bleach solution once a year. Contact our expert team today if you have any questions.

Schedule Seasonal Maintenance with Professionals

Naturally, the best thing you could do for your Geothermal system is to schedule seasonal maintenance appointments with professional technicians in your area. Luckily, you have C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. in your corner, and we are always eager to help our valued customers. Whatever issue you are facing, we can conduct a thorough inspection to check your electrical connections, internal components, and refrigerant levels. We will ensure that your system is healthy and operating properly. If any repairs are needed, we’re prepared for that as well. Call our experts in Lebanon, IL, today at (618) 537-8888.

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