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A professional furnace repair technician inspecting the internal components of a heating system at a residential home in the Metro East.

What Are the Most Common Issues Reported with Residential Furnaces?

While modern furnaces are built to last anywhere from 15-20 years, without standard maintenance or early detection of faulty parts, your heating system can begin to fail. At C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc., our team specializes in identifying and repairing issues with your gas or electric furnace when it stops working properly. Whether your system is blowing cool air or is taking hours to heat your home properly, we’re here to help. Keep reading to learn more about the most common issues reported for residential furnaces in the Metro East. If you notice that your furnace has one or many of these symptoms, be sure to give us a call right away.

Not Producing Heat

One of the most common calls we receive is from homeowners stating that their furnace isn’t producing heat. When your heating system is blowing cool air or failing to produce any heat, this is a sign that you need to rely on professionals to identify the issue. Everything from your fan settings and thermostat to the functioning of your pilot light can cause a lack of heat from your furnace. Therefore, it’s important to identify this issue immediately to avoid expensive repairs and discomfort in your home. Our C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. team offers complete inspections and testing services to locate the exact cause for your furnace to stop working.

Short Cycling

Short cycling is when your furnace consistently turns on and off despite the lack of changes coming from your thermostat. When this happens, it usually means that your system is having issues maintaining the temperature in your home. Unfortunately, this is common for old furnaces or ones that have not been maintained for several months or even years. Poor airflow from clogged air filters is likely the main culprit and can be fixed with a standard maintenance tune-up from our C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. team. If your furnace runs for hours with no result, get in touch with our team today.

Irregular Noises

As a homeowner, you know that even a brand-new furnace isn’t silent. Low humming and ticking sounds are common noises from your heating system that shouldn’t cause concern. However, if you experience loud rattling or banging coming from your furnace, followed by a lack of heat, this is a sign to call your local HVAC team at C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. It’s better to be safe than sorry about strange noises from your furnace. These sounds can be caused by loose parts or failing mechanisms that can create safety hazards when not taken care of. So before more damage can occur, call us to inspect odd sounds from your heater.

Tripped Circuit Breakers

Your home’s circuit breakers are essential to the electrical safety network wired into your property. If your furnace trips your circuit breaker, this could signify serious issues. Common problems with tripped circuit breakers include improper wiring, blocked furnace vents, an old breaker box, or broken parts in your furnace. Not having a reliable electrical system is a major safety hazard and can wreak havoc on your family’s comfort. Contact C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 618.537.8888 for immediate repair and maintenance when your furnace trips your circuit breaker.

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