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How to Choose the Right HVAC Contractor

How old is your current HVAC system? If the system is older than ten years, you might need to replace it soon. If your unit isn’t old, you’ll still need to hire professionals to provide appropriate annual maintenance. Or, if you’re a new homeowner looking for a brand-new HVAC unit, you’ll need to rely on the best in the business to guide you toward the best brands and the best service. At C&K Heating & Cooling, we believe we are the superior company you are looking for. We will support you throughout your search, and as a show of good faith, we will provide you with these tips for finding the right HVAC contractor for your home.

The 3 R’s: References, Referrals, Reviews

As a homeowner, you want to be thorough in your research when choosing to hire a professional for their services. When it comes to an HVAC contractor, you want to be even more focused since your home’s heating and cooling systems are likely the most expensive equipment. We recommend you read online reviews and request references to contact. You can also gather referrals from friends, neighbors, co-workers, and the online community (as long as you trust their opinions). You can also consult trusted online services like Angie’s List or the Air Conditioning Contractors of America. It would help if you had a clear picture of who you’re hiring so you can feel confident in that company’s abilities to provide excellent service. If you’re considering C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc., we invite you to review our 50+ testimonials online. Contact us today, and we’ll put our 4.8-star rating to the test!

Qualifications & Experience

When hiring an HVAC contractor, you must ensure he or she is fully licensed, certified, trained, and experienced. Every potential technician needs to have these qualifications to ensure they can provide exceptional and successful service. The goal of every business is to satisfy its customers, so they earn their trust and continued business. All top-quality technicians will not wait to be asked—they will show you their licenses and certifications so you know you can trust them to care for your home. You can consult the North American Technician Excellence (NATE) certification for further research. Ensure your technician is certified to handle refrigerant and is experienced in the industry to prove trustworthiness, success, and stability.

Efficiency & Exceptional Results

Efficiency is essential. When shopping for an upgrade, you want the most efficient equipment you can afford. Inquire with the contractor about models that are Energy Star-rated. The Energy Star program of the federal government rigorously tests HVAC equipment for efficiency. The company you hire should also be efficient. Their technicians should complete the job correctly the first time and on time. You want thorough, high-quality service, so do your homework to find the best company for the job. Once the work is completed, determine the quality of the job and if you are completely satisfied. If not, communicate your concerns with your technician and see how he or she responds. If an HVAC tech is willing to devote more time to a job to earn your satisfaction, you know you’re working with a professional who puts the customer first.

Rebates & Special Offers

Because an HVAC system is an expensive investment, you should look for available rebates on energy-efficient equipment or inquire about specials with your dealer. Utility companies in Illinois may offer rebates for the installation of energy-efficient equipment. However, you won’t find out about the deals you could take advantage of unless you look for them or ask for them. When you choose C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. as your HVAC company, you benefit from our high-quality heating and cooling services and all of our special offers to save you money and get you the best deal possible. We invite you to consider us to ensure the comfort of your home.

Call our team now at 618.537.8888 and discover all we have to offer. We look forward to our collaboration and promise to deliver superior service, so your home stays safe and comfortable all year round.

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