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What Are the Different Types of Air Conditioning Filters for Your Home?

Different types of filters clearing the indoor air of dust, smoke, dirt, and germs, in homes in Lebanon, IL.

Air conditioning filters are crucial in maintaining a comfortable and healthy indoor environment. They help improve your home’s air quality and ensure that your HVAC system operates efficiently. With a wide range of air filters available on the market, it’s essential to understand the different types and their benefits. Our experts strive to provide valuable […]

How to Tell When Your Window Air Conditioner is Costing You a Fortune

The costs of an energy bill rising due to issues with a resident in the Metro East Area experiencing problems with their window unit not working properly.

Window air conditioning units are a lifesaver in the Metro East area during the hot summer months. They can provide you with much-needed relief from the scorching heat. However, running an air conditioner can be expensive, and if you’re not careful, your window AC could cost you a fortune. With C&K Heating & Cooling, our […]

5 Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioner Costs This Summer

Piggy bank by gas and bill for saving money on the person's air conditioner energy cost in the summer in the Metro East area.

As summer approaches in the Metro East, you’ll need your air conditioner more than ever. The convenience of a cool and comfortable home might come at a high cost. During the summer, high energy bills can significantly strain your budget. C&K Heating & Cooling offers various air conditioning services to guarantee that your unit is […]

5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Needs Professional Repair

Technician using measuring equipment to provide a professional repair service on an air conditioner on the property of a home in the Metro East area.

Air conditioners are essential to our lives, especially during the hot and humid months in the metro-east area. They provide comfort and convenience, making our living spaces more bearable. However, like all appliances, air conditioning units can break down or malfunction over time, resulting in you needing an air conditioning repair service from C&K Heating […]

Why Your AC Makes a Loud Noise When It Turns On

A woman in her home in the metro-east area is getting irritated by the noise her air conditioner is making when she turns it on.

It is normal for your air conditioner to make a few noises. However, if you hear an unusual or unexpected noise from your unit when you turn it on, it is time to contact C&K Heating & Cooling for an air conditioning repair service. Each noise from your air conditioner can indicate different parts that […]

Why Does My AC Unit Smell Musty?

A female homeowner in Metro East Illinois, blowing her nose in front of her AC mini-split system.

If you notice a musty smell coming from your air conditioner when it’s running, you could have what we call dirty sock syndrome—aptly named because the odor is similar to the smell of stinky feet and socks. So, when your home suddenly smells like a locker room, you need to determine what is causing the […]

How to Tell If You Have Low Refrigerant Levels in Your AC Unit

An air conditioner technician using a manifold gauge to check the pressure inside the system with the intent of normalizing the refrigerant charge during high temperatures and warm weather in Metro East, IL.

When you think of your AC system, consider the refrigerant as the “lifeblood” needed to make it run properly. Your air conditioner needs the right amount to cool your home efficiently, but sometimes it’s difficult to determine when your unit needs more refrigerant. Be on the lookout for the signs that there is an issue […]

Ways to Lower Your Monthly Air Conditioning Costs

A pile of bills next to a calculator and a clock, representing the time and money lost paying air conditioning bills in the Metro East area of Illinois.

When the scorching summer months arrive in the Midwest, most homeowners are primarily concerned with keeping their homes and families cool. We all know how valuable our AC is when temperatures climb to astronomical heights, but we also need to make sure our energy bills don’t do the same. The good news is there are […]

When Is the Best Time to Have Your Air Conditioner Cleaned?

A professional HVAC expert holding a dirty air filter from a mounted air conditioner in the Metro East.

With any piece of machinery, there’s regular maintenance that must be done to keep it running at optimal levels. Just as you would take your car in for its scheduled servicing, your air conditioner needs consistent love and care to keep your home in the Metro East cool all summer long. C&K Heating & Cooling, […]

How to Eliminate the Humidity in Your Home

Residential home window covered in condensation due to high humidity levels in a home in the Metro East.

While summers in the Metro East can bring unforgettable memories and beautiful weather, a majority of homeowners often face unbearable humidity levels that never seen to leave their home. When this happens, give our experts at C&K Heating & Cooling a call; we specialize in eliminating humidity with AC repair, maintenance, and dehumidifier solutions to […]