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A woman in her home in the metro-east area is getting irritated by the noise her air conditioner is making when she turns it on.

Why Your AC Makes a Loud Noise When It Turns On

It is normal for your air conditioner to make a few noises. However, if you hear an unusual or unexpected noise from your unit when you turn it on, it is time to contact C&K Heating & Cooling for an air conditioning repair service. Each noise from your air conditioner can indicate different parts that must be repaired in your system. Below are the sounds you can look for and what they might mean.


One of the last noises you hope to hear from your air conditioner is screaming. If you do happen to hear this noise, this could indicate that there is a refrigerant leak in your unit, and continuously running your system while it is screaming can not only aggravate you but could break your unit, so you will want to turn your AC off immediately if you hear this noise.


The most common noise Metro East area residents will hear from their air conditioner is a rattling sound. This sound is typically caused by twigs or leaves that make their way into your outdoor unit. However, rattling noises can also be caused by loose screws and bolts that get knocked loose. If this is the case, it could potentially cause damage to your AC condenser while it runs.


Whenever an outdoor fan motor or indoor blower starts to go out in your air conditioner, you can hear a squealing noise when you turn it on. The squealing noise will start to amplify through the ductwork and can quickly become very frustrating to hear. If your unit does happen to make this noise, the best thing for you to do is turn off your unit and call C&K Heating & Cooling, Inc. at 618.537.8888 for repairs.


A clicking sound from your air conditioner when it turns on is normal; however, if you hear a constant clicking sound from your unit, you could have a bigger problem with your hands. Continuous clicking indicates that your thermostat could be failing or your AC could be experiencing electrical issues. Letting your unit continue to run when it is making this noise could lead you to have to replace it, so if you hear constant clicking, you will want to turn your unit off immediately.

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