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An HVAC technician testing the levels of a furnace to ensure its quality at a residential home in the Metro East.

Good, Better, & Best Options When Buying a Furnace

If you’re looking to buy a furnace for your home in the Metro East, it’s important to do your research before spending thousands of dollars on a system. Thankfully, our HVAC technicians at C&K Heating & Cooling have researched for you and have put together a list of good, better, and best options for furnaces that are based on a variety of different benefits including quality, value, warranty, efficiency, and more. Once you’ve made your decision, reach out to our Metro East staff for more information on the installation process and financing!

An HVAC technician with yellow gloves installing a quality gas furnace system in a residential home in the Metro East.

Good Furnace Options

While it may seem that our “good” options may include the lower quality furnaces compared to the “better” and “best” listings, don’t be fooled – all of our furnace options would make great additions to your home. These top two furnaces in our good section were giving high ratings for their energy efficiency and quality testing!

Lennox® – High-Efficiency Rating

Lennox® furnaces are rated one of the most energy-efficient systems on the market. Their furnaces are great additions to residential homes if you’re looking to say a buck or two on your next heating bill. However, they are a bit pricing and do not have a very long-term warranty, making it good, but not the best option for a multitude of homeowners.

Carrier® – Known for Quality

Carrier® is a big-name brand in HVAC systems and does not disappoint with their furnaces!  Known for their quality machines, you can count on Carrier® to last you well over a decade with proper maintenance. With great warranties and prices, a Carrier® furnace is a no-brainer option for homeowners in the Metro East.

Better Furnace Options

Rheem® – Best Warranty

Our “better” furnace options are, well, better overall than the good systems we listed below. With higher, and more consistent ratings, these furnaces are options you know are worth every penny and made to last. From the best warranty on the market to high-quality ratings you can’t get anywhere else, check out a “better” furnace option for your home in the Metro East.

C&K Heating & Cooling offers Rheem® furnace options for homeowners in the Metro East! Known for having the best warranties on the market (lifetime warranty and replacement on the heat exchanger, and a 10-year warranty on all parts) Rheem® furnaces are common for homeowners in need of a good, quality system with quick and simple installation time.

Best Furnace Options

A homeowner in the Metro East changing the temperature of their furnace on a thermostat in a residential home.

These options are the best for a reason – tickling all the boxes for homeowners, you can count on both of these units to keep you comfortable, happy, and stress-free for decades. Both units are the best-rated specifically for quality, warranty, and value, making them the most common and sought-after furnaces in the Metro East.

Heil® – Best for Quality, Warranty & Value

Heil® furnaces have been rated the best for quality, warranty, and value by clients over the past few years. With a 10-year parts warranty, lifetime heat exchanger warranty, and affordable value, you can’t go wrong with a Heil® furnace! You can choose from a variety of models and designs to fit you’re home too – contact C&K Heating & Cooling for information on installing a Heil furnace.

Goodman® – Best for Value

Goodman® is another brand that is known for its quality systems and affordable prices when it comes to gas and electric furnaces. Their 2021 furnaces were even rated the highest value on the market for their quality, making them into our “best” list for Metro East homeowners! Give C&K Heating & Cooling a call today at (618) 537-8888 to learn more about our Goodman® furnaces and warranty options.

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