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Residential home window covered in condensation due to high humidity levels in a home in the Metro East.

How to Eliminate the Humidity in Your Home

While summers in the Metro East can bring unforgettable memories and beautiful weather, a majority of homeowners often face unbearable humidity levels that never seen to leave their home. When this happens, give our experts at C&K Heating & Cooling a call; we specialize in eliminating humidity with AC repair, maintenance, and dehumidifier solutions to keep your home feeling cool all season long. Keep reading below for more ways to eliminate the humidity in your home!

Maximize Your Air Conditioner Use

We know that energy bills can get high in the summer months, so, understandably, many homeowners want to keep their AC off for as long as possible until it’s necessary. However, even keeping your air conditioning off for a few days at a time can cause the air in your home to become thick and humid. What started as saving on your monthly bill has now turned into an increase in your home’s humidity levels, thankfully we have an easy fix – maximize your air conditioner’s usage. Keep your AC cool, set it at a specific temperature for summer-long comfort, and this will be sure to eliminate your home’s humidity levels. Call C&K Heating
& Cooling
for further help eliminating the humidity in your home.

Clean Your AC Filters

A professional HVAC repair and maintenance person installing a new and clean air filter into the air ducts of a home in the Metro East.

Just like your furnace, your air conditioning unit has a filter that must be changed every 3-5 months to prevent serious buildup. If you can’t remember the last time you changed your AC filter, this could be one of the reasons your home is suffering from high levels of humidity. Your air conditioning unit’s filter helps to keep moisture and harmful air toxins out of your home, however, if your filter is clogged with years of dust and debris, air cannot escape, therefore making your home uncomfortably warm in the spring and summer months. Give C&K Heating & Cooling a call to check and replace your AC unit’s air filter!

Run the Exhaust Fans in the House

The exhaust fans in your home are designed to help clear the air when cooking or getting out of a steamy shower, however, they can also help eliminate the humidity in your Metro East home. While it is never recommended to leave your exhaust fans on for days at a time, leaving them on for a few hours can help to decrease the humidity in your home, making your space much more comfortable to inhabit. Don’t wait for the humidity in your home to cause permanent damage such as mold on your surfaces or extreme allergies, give C&K Heating & Cooling a call and we will help eliminate your home’s humidity in no time.

Invest in a Dehumidifier

A small, reliable dehumidifier placed in a residential home in the Metro East by a professional AC repair technician.

At C&K Heating & Cooling, we work with dozens of clients in the Metro East area that deal with high humidity levels in their homes. Thankfully, our technicians know just how to help! Investing in a dehumidifier significantly decreases the levels of humidity in your home to prevent seasonal allergies, uncomfortable living conditions, and moisture from deteriorating your walls and appliances. We provide portable dehumidifiers as well as larger units that can fit right next to your furnace in a utility room or basement. One of the best parts about our dehumidifier systems is that you can use your air conditioner much less frequently, saving you money on your energy bill. Interested? Give us a call today at (618) 537-8888 for expert advice on your future dehumidifier installation.

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