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How to Improve the Air Quality Within Your Home

Your home is meant to be the one place you can truly relax, however, that seems impossible when you are detailing with poor air quality. The air quality in your home can suffer due to an abundance of allergens or even hidden mold from water damage. No matter the case, poor air quality is not something any homeowner wants to live with; when you are experiencing issues with the air in your home, give our expert HVAC technicians at C&K Heating & Cooling in the Metro East a call for quality and affordable help on everything from HVAC system cleanouts to professional advice. Learn more about how to improve the air quality in your home by reading below!

Keep Your Home Clean

This may seem like an obvious suggestion, but it may not be in the way you think. While cleaning your laundry and dishes definitely helps the house feel clean, it won’t affect the air quality of your home. Dusting, sweeping debris, clearing clutter, vacuuming, and occasionally washing jackets and shoes are one of the easiest ways to restore the air quality of your home. Dirt buildup and dust carried in from outside are some of the main reasons why homeowners begin to notice the quality of air in their homes gradually worsening. Once you have deep cleaned, our team at C&K Heating & Cooling can guarantee that you will notice a change in the air quality of your most-used spaces in the Metro East.

Refrain from Buying Indoor Plants

A woman wearing a nude jumpsuit with blue gloves planting flowers outside instead of inside to purify the air in her Metro East home.

Having a few indoor plants is extremely common and can definitely make a space look and feel cozier, however, indoor plants can actually affect the quality of your home’s airflow. While it may seem that plants create a healthy space, many plants that are kept indoors bring in allergens, pollen, and even mold spurs into your home without you realizing it. If you notice that you have been having itchy eyes and a runny nose, it may not be the changing of the seasons but the allergens coming from your indoor plant. For help improving the air quality of your home, call C&K Heating & Cooling in the Metro East!

Change Your A/C & Furnace Air Filters

This is an easy step to forget when keeping the air in your home clean and filtered, thankfully it’s also extremely easy to solve. At C&K Heating & Cooling, we recommend homeowners and businesses to replace the air filters in their furnace and A/C units at least once every 6 months to a year depending on the size and model of their HVAC unit. The bigger the unit, the more time it will take to accrue dust and debris on your air filter, altering your home’s air purity. If you notice that your HVAC units are not working properly and that the air in your home feels stuffy or excessively dry, a simple air filter change could do the trick. For a more detailed inspection, give us a call today.

Invest in An Air Purifier

A mother and her son sitting on a residential couch and reading a book with an air purifier in their Metro East home.

One of the easiest ways to increase the quality of airflow throughout your home is by simply investing in an air purifier. Whether you are experiencing terrible allergies in your home or the air is being contaminated by mold or pet dander, our air purifiers at C&K Heating & Cooling in the Metro East allow homeowners to safely remove any microscopic toxins from the air before it negatively affects your immune system. Although it is fairly impossible to remove all of the allergens that circulate in the air, an air purifier will help to capture a majority of harmful air particles. To invest in a reliable and affordable air purification system, give us a call today at (618) 537-8888, and our team will help you find the perfect system for your home.

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